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Player Information
Name: GW
Age: 43
Contact: Plurk: AMostAncientWanderer
Characters already in Medietas: Conner Kent, Podrick Payne, Remy Lebeau, Merlin, John Stilinski, Harry Dresden
Reserve Link: http://medietas-mods.dreamwidth.org/1679.html?thread=885903#cmt885903

Character Basics
Character name: Vasiliy Fet
Character Journal: aversiontorats
Canon: The Strain television show
Canon Point: post season 3
Age: 42
Icon: http://v.dreamwidth.org/9975701/2485496

Canon Character Information
Appearance: Tall, bulky, muscled, big boned, mustached, dark haired and dark eyed, with a very ruddy European face.
History: Fet's parents immigrated to the United States from the Ukraine, though they claimed to be Russians. This lie, and their emigration from Europe, both derived from the shame brought on the family by Vasily's grandfather, who had served the Nazis as a guard at a death camp in Poland. At a young age, Fet showed a massive talent for architecture, but lacked a passion in it. Pushed to do it, he pursued it, at first, because of his father. Eventually, he grew tired of his father's ways, and he quit.

Forsaking the opportunity to study Architecture at Cornell University, he spent some time as a bounty hunter, before settling down as a rat exterminator, for which he was extremely talented. He found a nest of vampires in the sewers while investigating the sudden plague of rats on the surface.

Personality: Vasiliy Fet is a no-nonsense kind of guy. Eschewing emotional nonsense, as he calls it, he tends to come off as a stone-cold killer, a man who won't hesitate to kill if he is faced with evil, or monstrous behavior. A Rat exterminator by trade, Fet likes it because he works alone, kills things, manages to eliminate a threat, and he does so without the complications of people. People, he thinks, are trouble. Generally, for Fet, this idea is right. Because, under his exterior of cold, he is actually a softy. Somewhat.

He will still kill if there is no other option, he will still kill those who act monstrously, or those who are lost without hope, but he also cares, a lot. He loves and has great passion, very intensely. And he never lies about those things. Sure, he kills monsters without blinking, but he does not lie. And he finds others do, and are less honest about their feelings.

Somehow, despite numerous times where this has been so, he has still not completely accepted this, and thus, he still expects the best. This leads to mistakes, miscommunications, and a Fet getting hurt, a lot.

He is professionally fast and skilled at his work, but he is also irreverent, demanding that others earn respect, instead of just being given it. He cracks jokes, appreciates sexy, sex-positive, and forceful, strong women. Despite himself, he also loves complications. And complicated women. And dangerous ones. And ones who might, won't, maybe will, probably will, surely will, hurt him.

Fet is smart, a genius at architecture and at extermination and hunting. First hunting rats, and now Strigoi, he is one of the deadliest of the hunters, strong, physically, mentally, and emotionally, nd one of the few people who is sensitive to the movements of Strigoi, having once almost 'sensed' them coming, as well as the 'Born'. He wants to be an uncomplicated man, but his emotions, his passions, often betray him. Despite these smarts, Fet can be a passionate fool, letting his passions lead him, whether lust, love, or anger. However, he does, usually, shut down anger before it can hurt women. Raised by a strong and smart woman, he has a thing about never hurting them.

Powers/Abilities/Talents: An uncannily skilled rat and Strigoi hunter, a skilled tactician and architect, a good driver and a master of sword and gun.

AU/CR AU Addendum: N/a

What 4 items would you like your character to have with them on the island during their stay? His exterminator storage/work chest, his small closet of weapons, bag of anti-strigoi bombs, his cat.

First Person: http://bakerstreet.dreamwidth.org/3531316.html?thread=1651566132#cmt1651566132


[Video flickers on, and Fet stares out at the world of Medietas with a smile.] Hello, Medietas. This place is sure something strange, yeah? I just arrived here, and I'm sure you've all been through the crazy 'where am I?' thing I'm feeling, sure.

I'm also not one to sit idle. Anyone know any hunter or exterminator jobs that need doing? I've got years of experience, though references are hard to provide here.

And what do you do here for fun, hmmm? I didn't notice night clubs, roller rinks, or even a bowling alley.


Third Person: http://medietas-ooc.dreamwidth.org/59407.html?thread=4279311#cmt4279311

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun? Chimes
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Player Information
Age: Please verify you are over the age of 18
Contact: (Email/AIM/Plurk)
Characters already in Medietas:
Reserve Link: (Please copy and paste the link to your reserve here)

Character Basics
Character name:
Character Journal:
Canon Point:
Age: (Approximate age is fine. This is mostly for characters who are older than they look)
Icon: (Please provide a link to the icon you would like displayed on the Taken Page)

Canon Character Information
Appearance: (A few sentences on the character's appearance. Do they have any tattoos, scars, ticks? Add them here!)
History: (Can provide us a Wiki/Wikia link. If there is not enough substantial history for your character, headcanon is accepted and encouraged! Also include any prior past game history if your character is CR AU. As well, if your character is a CR AU and is coming to Medietas pregnant, please let us know who the parents are, what the planned sex of the baby is, and the approximate due date. This section can also be summarized in bullet points.)

Personality: (As with all apps, this is the meat of the application. Include defining traits and reasons they are who they are and don't be afraid to list off life events that further shape them. What are their strengths, weaknesses, fears and where do they draw courage from. Headcanon is encouraged! We would like to see a minimum of 300 words here. TL;DR your little hearts out.)

Powers/Abilities/Talents: (Can be linked from Wiki/Wikia)
AU/CR AU Addendum: (If your character is considered AU, please tell us what about them makes them AU and why you decided to make these changes.)

What 4 items would you like your character to have with them on the island during their stay? (The items can be items from home (no bigger than a dirt bike), a past game, or pets (not exceeding the size of a large dog, direwolf or mabari hound)

Samples - Can be linked
First Person:
Third Person:

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun?


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